5 Things To Know Before Doing Electric Gate Repairs Melbourne

Electric gates allow for safe and easy passage of cars and people from your gate to your front entrance. The gates are opened automatically by those who have been granted access. The electric-powered system made this possible.

Electric gates are used not just for convenience but for security as well. They can keep your family safe against unwanted intruders. Your electric gate, like all other technology, may need to be repaired after some time. It’s best to hire a repair service only if the electric gate is in need of major repairs. Before you do any electric gate repairs in Melbourne, here are five things that you should know.

Rusty Parts

The majority of electric gates are constructed from different metals. This means that they can rust at certain stages. You can prevent rusting by maintaining your gate properly and painting it regularly. Gates can still rust if they are exposed to rain, snow, and chemicals that cause metals to corrode.

Regular lubrication of moving parts, such as hinges, will also reduce friction. If you see major chips and dents on your gate, it is time to contact a repairer. There are a number of companies that offer repair services in Melbourne, including Electric Gate Repairs Melbourne. For fast, reliable service that addresses underlying issues in your electric gate, you can contact us.

Sensor Blockage

Sensors are used to trigger the motion of electric gates. If the sensors are not working properly, your gate may malfunction and stop performing its normal tasks. Make sure that nothing is in between your remote and your electric gate when you point it at it.

An object may also block a sensor. Even moss and insects can sometimes climb into the available spaces within the gate body to block the sensors. You won’t need to use the remote control multiple times if nothing is blocking it.

If something is blocking it, you may have to keep moving closer to the gate to get the sensor to pick up the remote commands. Before calling a technician to fix a suspected sensor blockage, you should check the source of the obstruction. A repairer will still be able to help you after inspecting the sensor for obstructions.

Track Obstructions

You may find that your electric gate does not work optimally at certain times, no matter how many times you try. It is important to know that electric gates use a track to open and shut. Before repairing the gate, check to make sure that nothing is blocking this track.

If the gate opens or closes with a squeaky sound, there may be an obstruction. Make sure the track is clear of twigs and debris. Do not ignore any odd object. Even a small stone can make the gate stiff and hard to open or shut. Stiffness can also be a sign of a mechanical problem. The motor will be put under more stress if you open and close the gate forcefully. This can cause more problems and reduce the life of the gate.

Electrical Failure

Electric gates are dependent on electricity for proper operation. A power outage or interruption could disrupt your gate’s system. Check for signs of failure, such as burned wires, blown fuse, and bad weather.

Your gate may not be working because there is currently no electricity. Wait for the electricity to return and try again. Electric gates require a steady supply of electricity in order to work properly. Before calling a repairer, check the wiring and connections of your electric gate.

You can replace a fuse that has blown with a brand-new one. If you are unable to change the fuse yourself, a repair service may be required.

Faulty remote control

Sometimes, the gate may not be working properly because of a remote malfunction. The remote control for your electric gate should be in working order. If your remote control is faulty, then you won’t have the ability to open or close your electric gate automatically automatically.

Keep an extra remote with backup batteries in your garage to prevent being locked out or in. There are several reasons why the remote may not work properly, including weak batteries, internal damage, or a poor signal. The light won’t blink if it is due to a bad signal. Replace the batteries if necessary. You should contact a technician if the remote does not work after you have replaced the batteries. You may not be able to fix the problem, or you may need a new remote control.


you will get the most out of your electric gate if you understand how it works. You can save a lot of cash by checking the above five items before you hire a repair company if you notice your electric gate has started to malfunction.

Check for rusty components and obstructions in the tracks. Check to make sure it’s not an electrical problem or sensor obstruction. Check the remote again to make sure it is working properly. You should contact your repairer if the problem persists even after you have checked all of the above.

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