5 Latest Trends in Modern Tile Designs to Elevate Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are often overlooked when designing a house. They are a crucial part of any home. Your bathroom speaks volumes about you, your style, and your personality. The task of designing the bathroom can be overwhelming, especially with so many options available. Here are five trends that you should consider when choosing tiles for your bathroom.

We understand that it is not always possible or affordable to change your bathroom design every year. That’s why our bathroom tile prices are in line with current trends. Please browse our range and choose the perfect product for your bathroom.

H&R Johnson, as one of the top companies that offers the best bathroom tiles, has all of the latest trends available.

Discover the best tile designs for your bathroom

    • Mix and match Tiles

The combination of glossy and matte tiles in your bathroom is a popular design trend. Matte and polished tiles are used to create volume in the space. The polished tiles reflect light, while matte tiles create an alternative area. H&R Johnson carefully selected a selection of matte and gloss finish tiles that are suitable for the trend.

Sahara Latte and Sahara Mist are some of the best options for matte walls.

    • Neutral or Natural Shades

To enhance your bathroom, use neutral or natural shades to create the calm you need. The neutral colors also add extra space, making the bathroom more breathable.

The H&R Johnson collection includes the following colors: Apex Silver (also known as silver acetate), Apex Cream (also known as ivory), Mavik Base (also called Zeal Grey), Akoya Pearl(also known by the name Amazon Silver), Arena Cement Beige (also known by the name of Arena Cement Beige), Alaska Snow, Carina Cyana and Persian Timber.

    • Darker Color Palette

Dark colors have always attracted attention and are often used to create a confident and bold appearance. This trend has elevated the designs of bathrooms. Darker colors create an air of sophistication and class. They also paint a posh picture.

Our recommendations from the large range of glazed tiles available at H&R Johnson for this darker theme include Amazon Black, Estonia Gold, Estonia Silver, Titanium Black Brahm Charcol Cavier Azul Turkish Stone.

    • Bold Mosaic Design

Mosaic tiles are making a comeback in nearly every industry. These mosaics are an excellent way to give your bathroom a spa-like feel and texture.

This design adds drama but also elegance and class to your room. These bold designs tell a story and are meant to be seen.

In this selection, we have also created certain designs. Some of our favorite H&R Johnson choices for this trend include Rosewood Sepia, Antique Vista A&B (Aqua Leaves), Arabic HL (Copper Leaf HL), and Emerald Gold.

    • Dramatic Marble Texture

Who doesn’t enjoy a little drama or dramatic interiors? The added drama will bring out hidden features of the space, making it the center of attention and the topic of conversation. This drama adds to the bathroom’s overall atmosphere and lifts the whole house.

You can also experiment with this style by using marble tiles that contrast and create a unique look.

We at H&R Johnson understand your needs and trends, so we created a range of products for you to choose from. Some of our favorites for this trend are Estonia Gold, Estonian Silver, Titanium Black, Brahm Charcol, Brazos Gold, Colosus Rust, Lagos Nero, Marvel Azulo, and Romania Black.


It’s not practical to follow all the latest trends. Even though bathroom tile designs are constantly changing, there will always be some new ideas in the industry. Our R&D team has carefully designed these tiles to be durable and affordable.

Add your personal touch to your bathroom or walls by creating your trend.

This collection of glazed tiles will add a touch of class to your bathroom. It offers the latest designs and best-in-class stability. These glazed tiles will give your bathroom a classy and elegant look. They are also non-toxic and scratch-resistant.

The conclusion of the article is:

With the right tile designs at your fingertips, you can easily make your spaces tell your story.

The best way to express your personality is through tiles. It is possible to personalize your bathroom with tiles.

H&R Johnson offers the best bathroom tile designs at its experience centers, dealers, and sub-dealers. Our experience centers provide a unique opportunity to create a bathroom model using the latest trends and our highest-quality tiles.

Our tile experts can help you choose the perfect tiles for your bathroom or other spaces. Browse our catalogs or visit your nearest experience center to explore our full range.

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