Why is Concrete Polishing a Good Option For Your Commercial Building

Are you concerned about a concrete floor in your commercial or office building that is subject to a lot of foot traffic? Do you notice that it has cracked, stained or chipped? Professional concrete polishing is a great way to increase the durability and appearance of your floor for many years.

floor polishing in Auckland is a professional job that can be done in a professional manner. It is an excellent remodeling option for areas with heavy foot traffic, and that must withstand the constant movement of heavy objects.

Concrete polishing uses professional-grade floor grinding equipment to polish concrete surfaces. Polished concrete is the best choice for no-wax flooring.

A concrete polishing company can help improve the appearance, durability, and safety of concrete floors.

Polished Concrete Benefits:

High resistance to abrasion
Cost effective
Low maintenance
Resistant to stain
Cleaning time is reduced
Gives you a more pleasant appearance

Take a look at our Before and After Concrete Polishing Photos

What are the advantages of concrete floor polishing
Polished concrete can be a low-maintenance, long-lasting and very durable flooring option. It also gives your commercial or office a professional look. It can be used in many different places and business settings.

Polished concrete is resistant to wear and tear and can withstand water. It also requires very little maintenance. Polished concrete is reflective and maximizes lighting in buildings. Ambient lighting can increase safety and reduce energy costs. It also makes your facility shine.

Polished concrete is an excellent option for businesses that are concerned about their environmental footprint. Polish concrete can be used in commercial spaces to reduce waste. Polishing concrete doesn’t require any additional products or materials, which reduces waste.

Polished concrete is a great way to reduce wear on machinery and vehicles in your facility, while also giving your flooring a seamless finish.

This flooring option is a favorite choice for businesses because of its durability, longevity, and ease-of-care.

Listed below are the most common places you’ll find polished concrete flooring for commercial businesses:

Large warehouses
Commercial Kitchens
Business lobbies and hotels
Office Buildings
Hospitals and other healthcare facilities
Concrete polishing professionals will enhance the appearance of your concrete floor as well as its safety and durability.

How does concrete polishing work?
Proper preparation of the existing flooring is the first step. The first step is to remove any floor coatings, clean the floor, and fill any cracks or divots.

To densify concrete, a chemical hardener is applied to fill in any air pockets. The concrete floor is then hardened and sealed to increase its density. This allows for sanding.

The floor surface is then progressively sanded using heavy-duty polishing machines equipped with diamond-segmented disks or abrasives (think sandpaper). The flooring is then ground to the desired smoothness and shine using different grits.

Concrete polishing has many key benefits

Superior strength and endurance
Ambient light reflections are increasing
Reduced floor maintenance
Reduced cleaning costs
Elimination of dusting
No waxing or stripping
Cost effective & economical
Safe Non-slip surface
Beautiful and aesthetic appeal
Impact resistance

How much does concrete floor polishing cost?

What is the price per square foot for polished concrete? Polished concrete is much more affordable than you may think. Get quotes for your project to determine the cost. Here are some factors that can influence the cost.

The cost of polished concrete ranges from $3.00 per sq. foot to $8.00 per sq. foot. This will allow us to understand the scope of the project. Here are some factors that will affect the final price:

Concrete grinding level: The sheen of your concrete floor will depend on how much you grind it.

What is the area’s square footage?

Do you want to polish one area or multiple rooms?
What is the condition of your current flooring? Before polishing, you will need to repair cracks, holes and divots.
Concrete that has been polished stays polished. Concrete polishing can be a cost-effective investment in your commercial or business space and will give you a beautiful, permanent floor.

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