Whitney Port Shows That Nurseries Can be Chic and Elevated

The designers at Joss & Main help Whitney Port and Tim Rosenman transition to their Studio City Home. Port, with the help of Style Director Donna Garlough, has finished the primary bedroom and, more importantly, Sonny’s gender-neutral nursery.

Port explained to the retailer that, since they didn’t know the gender of their baby, they wanted the nursery to be neutral but not bland. I liked the nursery to match the main bedroom’s vibe, with Moroccan accents, light finishes, and neutral colors, but also add a whimsical, fairytale element. The nursery began with white, sand, and neutral colors. They then added touches of black and green and warm terracotta as pillows and rugs. Garlough says natural materials such as wood, leather, and rope add texture and character.

Port’s nursery had five essentials: a crib and dresser that doubles as a changing station, a soft carpet, a glider, and a daybed. The glider is used to calm and feed the baby, while the daybed allows us to relax and stare at him.

Garlough created a modern, airy bedroom with bohemian touches in the primary room. Port’s bedroom features white walls and neutral decor with pops of earthy colors. The color and texture palettes allowed her to create a soothing environment for her baby.

The accent chair in the primary bedroom, with its white pinstripes and plush blue pillows, creates a charming corner near the bed. The artwork is styled with vintage photo frames and vibrant greenery for a cohesive look.

Garlough added a white fur rug to the woven chair for an extra touch of texture. The side table has even bold details: Natural Fibers are woven with soft blue and beige fabrics to create the perfect contrast for a red velvet pillow.

The new parents can relax in this cozy corner of their bedroom. Separate rugs separate the sitting area and the main bedroom section. Large windows are framed with white curtains to keep the space clean and bright.

Natural Details tie in the space: Garlough used various finishes similar to the light hardwood flooring. Mixed woods create visual interest and balance in the room. A Moroccan-themed bag grounds the design using dark earthy colors.

A woven pendant light creates an eye-catching focal point in the nursery. The designer used a neutral color palette and layered rugs to play with different shapes.

Elegant floral wallpaper creates a calm, relaxing atmosphere. The accent chair is decorated with similar tones, from the striped pillow to the mix-matched patterned blankets.

A lush indoor tree adds color to the nursery’s light-hued theme. The Port’s changing station is at the heart of the room. It was one of Port’s design must-haves. The sleek white color is clean and harmonious with the white trim on the ceiling and walls.

Port’s daybed was another must-have. It allows parents to relax in their baby’s room. The color scheme ties together playful decors, such as tasseled pillows, a rhinoceros plush animal, and a print with elephants.

A plush collection of pillows enhances the daybed. The daybed is an excellent piece of furniture that provides a place for Port, her husband, and their baby to relax and allows them to spend time together.

Garlough uses texture to create a nursery that is complete. Combining linen, velvet, and natural fibers makes the simple color scheme lively.

The off-white crib adds a traditional touch to the eclectic decor. The Moroccan rug is the focal point of the nursery, allowing parents to play with their children while sitting comfortably.

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