What To Consider While Choosing Designer Tiles for Your Space?

Are you tired of scratching your head while choosing the right designer tiles? Do you want to enhance the overall look of your space without splurging?

If so, it’s time to consider multiple factors beforehand!

Whether you want to refloor your home or renovate your interior, tiles are an incredible option to give a dazzling appearance all around.

Choosing the correct tiles for your home can be a tough task, particularly with the extensive variety of tiles available. Buying incorrect tiles may land you in deep trouble.

Don’t worry; this post comes up with 5 important factors to consider while choosing designer tiles in Melbourne.

  1. Don’t Overlook the Material

If you’re looking to buy designer tiles, make sure you go through their material. Some of the commonly found materials are cement, glass, mosaic, and vitrified. If you want to choose something durable, then you can opt for ceramic or vitrified tiles. Also, the best part is that you will find a range of designs, colours, and shapes. If your family members are kind of rough to the floor, choosing such tiles would be an ideal option as they won’t get stained or cracked easily. No matter whether you want to use it in your office or home, considering the tile material will not disappoint you.

  1. Always Prioritise the Appearance

Another factor that you may need to consider is the appearance of your tiles. No matter how durable or colourful your choices are, if your tiles are not looking beautiful, you might not attention you deserve. Ensure you choose options that come with an ideal blend of aesthetics and durability to transform the overall look of your space. If you want to make your area look brighter, then you can opt for glossy and semi-glossy tiles. Also, don’t forget to choose grout of the same colour as the tile design.

  1. Measure the Number of Tiles Required

Once you are done with the durability and appearance aspect, make sure you consider how many times you may need to complete the process. When you are buying tiles, always buy some extra as there are chances that you might need a few more in the end. Remember to include areas that might not be visible, such as under the furniture and kitchen cupboards, unless these are implicit. Make sure you don’t include the wall area when you are calculating the window and door areas.

  1. Choose the Right Size

When you are considering buying tiles for your space, ensure there would be no wastage during the installation process. If you are buying tiles for large areas like dining rooms and bedrooms, always choose large-sized tiles. On the other hand, you can choose smaller ones for the kitchen and bathroom areas. If you need floor tiles for a large space, you must choose those that are enormous. Not only does it make your space look larger but it provides aesthetic appeal to your overall home.

  1. Consider the Cleanliness Aspect

If you want to buy designer tiles, make sure you keep the cleanliness aspect in mind. Always buy tiles that are easy to clean and maintain. It becomes incredibly important when you are considering tiles for the living room and kitchen. To make the right investment, check tiles that you can easily clean with a rag. If you are not a cleaning freak, always buy tiles without any designs.


So, that’s a wrap to the important aspects to take into account while buying tiles for your space. Considering these tips may help you choose the ideal flooring tile for your home.

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