What Is The Most Efficient, Effective Carpet Cleaning Method

In essence, the carpet cleaning methods fall into two categories: wet and dry cleaning. Cleaning solution is used in conjunction with hot water extraction for wet cleaning. Dry cleaning is done by using chemicals that are applied with a rotating brush or pad.

Take a look at the two methods.

Steam or Hot Water Extraction

Restorative cleaning is another name for this method. It is the only carpet-cleaning method that can remove 97% dirt and bacteria. The only carpet cleaning method that cleans the carpet from the bottom of the pile is this one.

A steam cleaner is the smallest machine you can rent at your local supermarket. However, a powerful truck-mounted machine will do a more thorough job. A carpet cleaner who is trained will know how much pressure to apply, which cleaning products to use, and how to remove the most soil and stains without over-wetting or leaving behind a sticky residue.

The hot water extraction method is able to reach deep into the pile and remove any material that has sunk to the bottom of the pile. This is then flushed away.

If time is of the essence, drying can be speeded up by using drying equipment.

Dry Clean

This is an interim method that uses chemical cleaners to clean carpet fibres. The carpet is treated with a chemical solution and allowed to react for the appropriate amount of time. A rotary machine with an absorbent pad similar to a brush or towel spins over the carpet surface, absorbing soil.

This method is ineffective at treating deep stains and soiling because it only cleans the top layer of the carpet. It should only be used to do a light cleaning. It is possible that some residue will be left in the carpet. This can expose the occupants. Be sure to fully understand the chemicals used if you choose this option.

We believe that the deep cleaning produced by hot-water extraction is more effective for your carpet. For more info about – carpet cleaning in Carrara

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