What is Edge Protection

Offers a variety of products and services, both for temporary and permanent Edge Protection Systems. We are specialists in systems that meet the current British and European Standards for working at heights.

Expertise and experience allows us to design and install Edge Protection Systems tailored to your specific project requirements.

Guardrails are a permanent solution to edge protection. They can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Standard Guardrail

Standard is the most popular system. Although described as Standard, it is far from it, with a 10 degree incline and an aesthetically-pleasing design it is in a league of its own and above other standard systems available in the UK and overseas.

Radius Guardrail

Radius is an elegant and sleek system that features a 925mm radius upright. This provides additional protection by keeping people away from the edge. Radius can be converted into a 3-rail system to provide additional protection.

Collapsible Guardrail

The Collapsible system is designed specifically for listed buildings.

This system eliminates unsightly guardrails that stand alone. It can be folded neatly down when not in use so that it is hidden from view. When maintenance teams are required to raise the system as a protection measure, it can be easily folded and secured back in the upright position.

Top-Fix Guardrail

The top-fixed system is our most versatile. This system is available with different baseplates to suit various applications, including standing seam, built-up, composite, and concrete.

The system can be modified to become a single-rail system if the parapet height is greater than 500mm above the roof.

Parapet Guardrail

The Parapet guardrail system is unique and has been designed by engineers who have years of experience. It can be installed and designed to solve a wide range of problems. 


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