Visit an adorable animal-themed nursery in Southern California

A Nursery in your home is the perfect place to treasure the first moments with your baby. In a modern home, it isn’t easy to create a space that feels nurturing. Joyce Downing Pickens from JDP Interiors made a room that was both child-friendly and complemented the home’s existing aesthetic. Pickens says that when designing the nursery, they wanted it to align with modernity but still feel “comfortable and cozy.” The delicate balance of the greenhouse was achieved by using streamlined furniture with sophisticated details. A soothing earth-tone color palette and playful touches were also used. Look below at the animal-themed baby nursery and learn more about the design by Joyce Downing Pickens.

My goal was to create a nursery with a sophisticated feel while maintaining naivety.

“I wanted to break away from the stereotypical bright colors typically associated with nurseries. The design needed to be simple but still interesting. The colors had to be soft and unique. “Babies are delicate, soft creatures, and their environment should reflect that.”

Leo the Lion a loose theme that we used because of the baby’s due date in August.

The back wall was an expanse of pure white when we started. The crib would have felt like floating in comparison. This mural wallpaper fixed the predicament. Instead of avoiding the issue, we decided to make it the focal point while still adding some warmth.

Pickens said that the mobile “Symphony,” designed by Christian FLensted, a Danish designer was one of her best finds. It’s a significant departure from the stereotypical baby mobiles, and it makes a simple statement in the space. Pickens claims that the wallpaper in the room is her favorite part. She admits, “I am obsessed with it.” It feels like we’ve created a fantasy world in real life.

“I’m always drawn to earthy colors.” Your home should be where you can relax, unwind and take deep breaths. “The colors should facilitate this.”

Pickens says, “Of course, the crib was the first thing we purchased for the nursery.” “[We] love the raw, natural wood details. We had to be ready for a baby that might arrive sooner than expected. The crib was the focal point of the rest of the design. She mentions that they felt the wallpaper was a tribute to the illustrations in Where the Wild Things Are, and the fabric, patterns, and designs all worked around it.

“The little boy on the way is. We chose a masculine color palette that also grew with the baby. Green was selected with a few blue accents.

“I like classic, traditional designs with a modern twist. Pickens loves to mix the old and the new. “I am delighted to have a project in either category.”

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