The Perfect Nursery: Essentials

It’s overwhelming to have a newborn baby in your life. There’s not much time left for anything other than caring for and loving this beautiful little person. It’s essential to spend as much time before the arrival of your baby as possible creating the perfect nursery. You’ll have to focus on the design and functionality of this room. We often take inspiration from celebrity nurseries.

We went on the hunt to find some chic and practical pieces to help you create your dream nursery. Please continue reading to see our top 12 picks.

Restoration Hardware Bellina arched panel crib.

Take your time. This is a significant investment. It’s a major investment, so choose the perfect design, color, and style that will work with the rest of your furniture and decor. This Restoration Hardware crib will fit in any room.

Nook Sleep Pebble Pure

Finding the perfect crib mattress can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to ask your baby or toddler for a test run. Choosing an organic and machine-washable mattress is essential, given the time your baby will spend on it. This Nook version has a coconut core certified organic that is layered with eucalyptus. It’s dreamy.

Pottery Barn Kids Chamois Metallic Star Fitted Crib Sheet

Babies are adorable and loveable, but they can also be very messy. They tend to poop and pee without warning. You will need enough sheets for at least two days to cover the time necessary to wash and air dry the dirty sheets. This fitted sheet is as adorable as your little cherub.

Motorola Digital Video Audio Baby Monitor

Since I had my son seven years ago, baby monitors have evolved. New versions of baby monitors have sensors that can pick up the slightest murmur without being distracted by a crackly signal. Most of these devices are equipped with high-quality videos and wireless technology so you can watch what your baby does. It allows mothers to rest assured that their babies are safe.

Bubula Stainless Steel Diaper Pan

Diaper pails play a vital role in any nursery. It would help if you stored more diapers when your newborn arrives than you can imagine. Finding one that is stylish can be a challenge. Bubula has a stainless steel design that moms love. The stainless steel design is beautiful (it comes in different colors) and doesn’t absorb smells over time. Genius.

Elegant Baby Gray Elephant Bath Cloth

A warm bath is one of the greatest gifts you can give your baby. The warm water relaxes the baby, and watching their legs kick in the water is so adorable. When they come out of the water, a hooded towel is ideal for wrapping them because they don’t enjoy being cold. Also, they look adorable with animal ears.

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