The Hamptons inspired a classic coastal Australian home.

Hampton’s style design is having a moment. The Hamptons design style is now having a moment, from Kristy’s and Jesse’s house on The Block to the gorgeous Hamptons makeovers we have shared on SC. The insights show us you can’t seem to get enough. We knew we had to share this beautiful Australian Hamptons house when we saw it. Stat!

Today Emma, from Hamptons in Highfields, takes us on a tour of her Hamptons coastal classic home.

Emma, a fan of Hamptons style design, had no trouble incorporating it into her custom-built home.

“Hamptons and coastal homes are wonderful and homey with space and simplicity. I was inspired to create this house by the home style in the movie “Something’s Got To Give,” but I added an Australian touch.

Our home has a coastal appeal. You can feel like the world is gone when you come home. There are quiet corners with window seats where you can sit and enjoy the scenery. You can also relax in a swing chair on the front porch.

“We have created a bright and sunny home with a feeling of summer all year long. This calm, peaceful home is perfect for a family. “It’s a house that can grow with our three boys.”

Planning this classic coastal home required careful consideration of subtle details, such as the living room’s dark blue walls and the powder room’s floral wallpaper.

We added character to our house with wall accents like shiplap, wainscoting, and fretwork. It took a long time to add these personal touches. I wanted to take my time because I wanted to be sure we had made the right choices.

We went from room to room, creating something unique and special while keeping each room bright, white, and cohesive.

Choosing a favorite with so many beautiful features is difficult, but Emma has one.

My favorite room is our main bedroom with its white canopy bed, blue linen dresser, and white canopy. My husband made the white canopy bed. The dresser is also a great addition to the room.

I wanted to create a coastal-inspired feel in the main bedroom. To achieve this, I used sun, water, and sky elements in our color and decor choices. Texture — I think texture brings life to a room!”

This home is no different!

Our mudroom was one of the design features that was essential. The mudroom is located in the hallway of our house and commands attention as soon as you walk into our home.

“A home that is bright always makes me smile.” This home needed to be as bright as possible. We strategically placed large, bright windows in each room to allow as much natural lighting into our home. All our walls were painted a bright white to reflect and bounce light.

Next on our list is the pool. We are knee-deep in landscaping and planning to create a beautiful outside space.

After seeing her home, we had to ask Emma about her budget and building tips for a classic coastal home.

You don’t need to live near the ocean to have a coastal-style home. To create a Hamptons coastal feel, my top decorating tip is to keep the same color scheme in every room. Bring coastal blues into your home. From floor to ceiling, incorporate natural textures. This will create a feeling of a long, sunny day.

You can always add things later if you don’t like the price. We already knew that we wanted to have a mudroom. We made sure to have the perfect nook for later.

Be bold and DIY. Our blue linen dresser was one of my favorite DIYs. I wallpapered it like a wall and then added the brass details. It adds a beautiful texture to the space.”

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