The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic: Your Guide

Do you want to be the next design trend on Instagram and TikTok? We will show you how to achieve Coastal Grandmother chic at home, no matter where you are.

Coastal Grandmother may appear to be a new trend in interior design, thanks to its hashtag trending on Instagram and TikTok, but this design style has been around for decades. This natural, breezy style is a mix of aspirational and cosy chic. It epitomizes easy-going, beachside elegance.

Why has the Coastal Grandmother gained popularity recently?

Despite its luxury origins (beachfront properties are not cheap, especially in locations like Santa Barbara, Cape Cod and The Hamptons ), the Coastal Grandmother design is about an accessible, comfortable, and attainable style, no matter where you live. It’s a lived-in version of traditional interior design or a pared-down version grand-Millenial decor.

14 Tips to Recreate the Coastal Grandmother Style At Home

Even if you don’t live near the ocean, it is easy to feel the effortless look and feel of living large by it.

Choose a neutral palette

Colours can be taken directly from the sandy coast: shades of white, brown, and shell colours and the many blues inspired by the ocean and sky. Avoid decorating with obvious beach decorations, such as lighthouse lamps or beach signs.

Mix and match old with new

Decorating with slightly worn-in pieces is part of the Coastal Grandmother style. Secondhand furniture adds character and history to your home, inherited or found at a thrift store.

Relax in natural fibres

Choose pieces in tactile fabrics such as linen and cotton to make pillows, throws, and upholstered furniture. You can add natural materials such as marble, cane and rattan to the room or jute through decorative items such as a table, rug, and baskets.

A few handmade pieces are a nice addition

Accessories, including painted pottery and rustic ceramics that look hand-crafted, feel more authentic than anything you’d find in a big-box store.

Add architectural elements

Shiplap, wainscotting and moulds add a luxurious touch to plain white walls. They also add an interesting layer of interest to otherwise unadorned rooms. The room can feel cold and sterile without these architectural layers. However, they instantly transform the space into a more comfortable place by adding these architectural layers to the room.

Decorate with farm-market finds

Coastal Grandmother’s style puts nature first. Set vases of flowers around the house (don’t forget the bathrooms), a bowl with fruit on the kitchen island and perhaps even some herbs on a window sill.

Open shelving is a great option for entertaining

Open shelving in kitchens has a double benefit. It not only places dishware and platters on display but also creates a casual, “I can put together a family-style dinner party without much stress” look that allows guests and hosts to concentrate on the conversation and not on matching plates.

Showcase your collections

Coastal Grandmothers love stacks upon stacks of books. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for art books, novels or beach readings; this lifestyle choice allows you to relax, unplug from the outside world, and enjoy your favourite book.

In the garden, plant impressive flowers

Flowers add colour and curb appeal to your home. You can also sprinkle just-cut flowers (hydrangeas being a Coastal Grandma favourite) straight from the garden. Leave the elaborate and complicated displays to the event planners for a cheery welcome. The goal is to create a simple, wild bouquet in a rustic vase or white pitcher.

Get ready to show your support

The classics are the best. Ticking stripes are a favourite of Coastal Grandma. This subtle linear pattern breaks up neutrals and doesn’t steal the show.

Layer throws

This will make your place feel homier. Buy blankets in muted colours, but choose ones with texture, such as a chunky cable knit or a chunky cable knit.

Hang gauzy curtains

The Coastal Grandmother style encourages natural light to enter the home. Install lightweight drapes made of semi-sheer cotton or linen that will not block the sun’s rays but will billow in the wind.

Use light woods

Wood accessories such as vintage dough bowls and installing wooden floors can be added to your home by choosing bleached-by-the-sun colours like driftwood or white oak. This will give you that beach house feels. Cherry, walnut and espresso finishes are best avoided, except for the occasional piece.

Remember to enjoy the outdoors

To fully embrace the Coastal Grandmother lifestyle, you should also enjoy the outdoors and watch the waves of the ocean (ideally). Even though your view may not be of the Atlantic or Pacific oceans, a great spot to relax outside, either via Adirondack chair or something similar, will make sure your Coastal Grandmother vibes shine on your deck, porch, or yard.

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