The Best Kid-Friendly Room Ideas for Your Little Ones

It can be daunting to assemble a space that will transition from an adorable nursery into a teenage hangout area if you do not have any design experience. How do interior designers create a functional yet fun kid’s room? Interior designer, Emily Henderson told MyDomaine that it’s best to skip the twin beds and move straight to a full-size bed once your child has outgrown their crib. This is only possible if there’s enough space. But if not, then it makes sense.

It is cheaper to upgrade straight to a full-size bed and more fun for everyone in the family. Henderson draws on her personal experience to say it is more comfortable for the whole family to share bedtime stories. We scoured Instagram for more interior designer-approved kids’ bedroom decorating ideas.

Browse through 13 kid-friendly bedroom designs that interior designers approve. They strike the right balance between being practical and fun.

Start with a neutral color palette.

You may think it’s obvious, but choosing a neutral color your children can grow with is the key to creating a transitional room. Amber Lewis and Amber Interiors suggest painting the walls a bright white. This will give them a blank slate to express their changing tastes.

Choose Understated Wallpaper

Choose a neutral-toned, understated pattern if you choose to wallpaper your room. Choose an abstract geometric pattern inspired by this room, also designed by Amber Lewis, Amber Interiors. It will look great on a crib or twin bed.

Make a statement on the ceiling.

Instead of going all out, make a statement with wallpaper only on the ceiling. Choose a print suitable for both a toddler and a teenager. Take inspiration from the beautiful room designed by Amber Lewis, Amber Interiors.

Take advantage of built-in storage options.

Amber Lewis and Amber Interiors prove that bunk beds are not outdated. Custom bunk beds with ample storage and built-in shelves are an excellent option for your child’s room, especially if your budget permits. They can store everything from building blocks and picture books to textbooks and soccer balls.

Buy a full instead of a twin.

Interior designer Emily Henderson recommends that if space is available, you skip the twin bed and buy a full-size bed when your child outgrows their crib. You will save money by anticipating the future. This will also allow you to enjoy more family bedtime stories. Win, win.

Multipurpose and transformational furniture is a significant investment.

To stretch your budget, invest in furniture that can be transformed and used for multiple purposes. A daybed can be transformed into a sofa in this nursery by Emily Henderson with the simple arrangement of pillows. It’s a nice place to relax for parents, but it can be transformed into a “big kid” bed in just a few years.

Spend on Foundational Pieces

Instead of buying furniture with an expiration date, such as a changing desk, take a tip from the designers of Chango & Co. by investing in foundational pieces. A classic dresser, which can be placed in any bedroom, is transformed into a changing table by adding a changing pad. Genius.

Choose a Classic Color Palette

Bunk beds are a great way to create a kid-friendly, elevated bedroom. This space, designed by the team of Chango & Co., uses a timeless palette of black and white with a curated selection of eclectic artwork to take built-in beds to the next step.

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