Style an empty corner in your home with these 11 ideas.

We have finally answered your requests for an article on what to do about that awkward corner in the house. These empty spaces, whether in the living room or hallway, can feel uninviting and barren. We’ve looked everywhere to find creative ways to fill these spaces.

We list the 11 best ideas to transform an empty corner into a stylish, functional space.

Create a Vignette

A vignette is one of our favorite interior design hacks to fill in blank spaces. A vignette can bring interest to any room’s space or blank wall.

You can tell your story with vignettes. Fill empty spaces with elements representing you, your style, and your must-see objects.

Add a bar Cart

Style an empty corner in your home with a stylish Bar Cart. It’s optional to be a mixologist to purchase one. Bar carts can be used for many things. You can store extra crockery and books in them. You can move your bar cart to another area if you want the items you have in it.

Display art

Art is the answer to your blank walls. Art can be used to add color and interest and is a great way to express your style and personality. You can style it with other pieces of furniture like a cabinet or console table, or you can make it the focal point of your wall. You can choose.

Find a print to frame, such as our free Australian Native wall art. You can easily change your photos whenever your room needs a new look.

How to make a gallery wall

DIY Gallery Wallis a great way to fill a wall with artwork. Your gallery wall can be transformed into a beautiful display of your photos, minimalist painting, or favorite inspirational quotes.

Create a book corner.

Nothing is better than reading a book in a comfortable chair. Make the most of an awkward corner by creating a dedicated reading area.

If you have a comfortable couch, lounge chair, or hanging chair, it is perfect for your reading nook. Floor lamps are also great for creating moody lighting and reducing eye strain. You can layer it with a throw blanket in cooler months or keep it as a stylish accessory. Grab your book and relax in your new reading area.

Office Corner

A neat office corner may be just what you need to do your homework for you. You’ll need a chair, a small desk or with some built-in joinery and ideally a good light source.

Celebrate your love for music.

Displaying musical instruments and players can be a great way to fill a blank space in your home.

Add some window seating.

Add seating to your home’s empty corner if it has windows. The window nook is a cozy place to relax. The window nook can be a beautiful feature when not in use. It blends into the background and requires minimal maintenance.

Create a kid’s play nook

It’s okay for us to have some fun. You can give your children a unique space to play by decorating an empty corner.

Add some greenery

Indoor plants can add a pop of style to any corner, whether you are a plant parent devoted to their care or someone new to the movement. There are many trendy plants available. They offer more than style – they can improve the air quality in your home!

Add a floor Mirror

A floor mirror is the best way to bounce light around and make an area feel more significant. Mirrors can be a practical, affordable, and easy way to fill an empty corner.

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