Short courses on Interior Design & Decoration at Ulleo

Is 2022 a good year to follow your passion for design and art? A short course can be a great way to start if you have always been interested in interior design or home decor and wonder if it’s time for a career switch. You can learn more about innovation to understand your projects or interests better.

Ulleo is an online platform offering short Interior Design and Decoration courses.

Why take a short interior design course?

Short courses in interior design can help you gain a better understanding of the industry. They will also start you off on your learning path before you make the time and financial commitments required for a university or TAFE qualification. They can also offer more flexibility by allowing you to complete lessons at your own pace.

Ulleo’s short courses on interior design and decorating were created with the help of industry experts from various design disciplines. You’ll gain access to the real-world knowledge of interior designers, property stylists, and even the president of the Interior Design Association. This design voice is what gives the course its most significant value.

Learn about interior design and decorating in this short course.

The Ulleo Interior Design and Decoration Short Courses are a condensed version of interior design degrees and certifications.

You will learn about all aspects of the design process. You’ll learn about design basics, working with clients, color theory, spatial planning, and creating floorplans before adding the final style layer to make your project come to life.

Choose between two Ulleo short courses in design.

  • Interior design & decoration essentials. This 6-lesson course is for those looking to renovate an area with creativity and expertise.
  • Interior Design & Decor Professionals. An 8-lesson program for aspiring interior designers looking to launch a career.


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