Shop for furniture and homewares in Hamptons, country or provincial-style homes

Shopping for furniture and homewares is one of our favorite past times (shopping can be considered a hobby ?!).). We’ve shared our favorite places to buy furniture and homewares in Hamptons, Country, and Provincial style homes.

Hamptons Look

Hamptons are about relaxed beach fashion with a touch of luxury—White with a cool blue tint and a touch of texture. Add a few stripes, wicker, and jute to your look for the Hamptons. It is sophisticated, elegant, and has a holiday-like feel.

Country Style

The country style is classic with a twist of modernity. Imagine a traditional farmhouse with plenty of wood, bricks, stones, exposed beams, and other natural materials. Also, think about beautifully imperfect furniture. It is cozy, inviting, and not ‘perfect.’

Elegant Provincial

Smart is the key to provincial Style. Furniture with intricate carvings, moldings, and decorative pieces of wrought iron. Textures that are rustic and chic with a touch of simplicity.


Brosa is the place to go if you want a provincial look. You will be smitten by their range of homewares and furniture, including dining chairs, bedside tables, and lamps.

Shop by Style to find pieces in the Hamptons, Provincial, and Country styles. (found under “Classic traditional”). Brosa has a great selection of beautiful, affordable pieces.

Early Settler

Early Settler is a favorite of ours. It has a great range of homewares and furniture to suit any style. You’re bound to find something you love, whether Hamptons style, country or provincial, or a combination of the three.

Homewares, lighting, and home renovation products are available in classic and modern styles. There’s also a great loyalty program, which is free to join and offers discounts and special deals. Signing up is worth it!

Temple & Webster

We rarely leave Temple & Webster off a shopping list… but we do this for a good reason. There is a vast range of products that cover all budgets and styles. You can browse their “Shop by Style” section to find the furniture and decor you want in your favorite Style.


Freedom always offers Style, quality, and affordability. You’ll find great furniture and homewares in the store or online, whether you prefer a Hamptons, Country, or Provincial Style.

Their homewares are also worth a look, as they have beautiful baskets and cushions, plush throws, and vases to help you style your home.


Anthropologie has various homewares and furniture, such as Hamptons, Country, and Provincial styles. If you are looking for a unique piece that is still on trend, this is the place to go. The range is vast, so don’t worry if you lose track of time while browsing through the pieces.


Pillow Talk has a wide range of bedding, decor, and other homewares you might not have considered when looking for Hamptons homewares. There is an excellent range of bedding and homewares in a relaxed beach style, as well as baskets and textured items to help you create your Hamptons paradise.

Hamptons Style

This store is all about the Hamptons. Hamptons Style offers a wide range of homewares and furniture.

Hamptons Style has many pieces that are suitable for those who want to shop specifically for items in the country or provincial styles. You’ll find that their dining chairs, dressers, and tables are all very versatile.

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