Modern Kitchen Themes You Can Create with Backsplash Designs in 2023

The inspiration for kitchen backsplashes has always come from a mix of aesthetics and functionality as well as contemporary trends. In the last two decades, trends have shifted from vintage pop-up colors to a minimalist ultra-organized kitchen with functional cabinets and walls. The design of the backsplash has also changed.

Modern kitchen backsplashes will be based on a wide range of materials and colors in 2023.

Consider these eight top themes:

1. Bold Patterns

Create a bold, modern backsplash with large, colorful tiles. This style will make your backsplash a focal point in your kitchen. H&R Johnson Glamour Series porcelain tile offers a wide range of options with its pop-up colors and quirky patterns.

Explore the designs of Lodi Bright and Muscat Red in this portfolio.

2. Exposed Brick

The simplest approach can make all the difference when everyone is trying to color their kitchens in bright, eye-catching colors. Tiles that feature exposed brick patterns will give your kitchen a rustic and simplistic look.

Include exposed brick in your backsplash for a rustic industrial look. This trend is visually pleasing and cost-effective.

3. Chevron Tiles

The unique and eye-catching chevron tile can add depth and interest to a kitchen backsplash. If you want a traditional look with a contemporary twist, this is a good choice.

You can create other geometrical designs like diagonals, herringbones, etc. Plank tiles in 10x30cm and 20x120cm sizes are available. Johnson Tiles offers chevron designs for kitchen tiles under the category of kitchen wall tile ideas.

The 30x60cm or 30x45cm tiles are available in two sizes. They can be used with the base and top-line tiles, or they can also be used as a stand-alone design.

4. Concrete Backsplash

Concrete is becoming more popular for kitchen design. Concrete backsplashes can give your kitchen a raw, industrial look. Conse Steel is one of many kitchen wall tile designs that will suit your concrete backsplash.

The majority of these tiles are large porcelain with an occasional hint of natural stone. If you want to get a more concrete-like look, then you should consider the 10x10cm Oat Meal Grey tile from the Johnson Heritage Tile Collection.

5. Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles are available in many patterns and colors, which allows you to create an eye-catching, unique backsplash design. Also, they are relatively inexpensive. H&R Johnson offers a wide variety of mosaic tile colors, sizes, and patterns.

To complete the kitchen wall design, you can use 30x45cm and 30x60cm vitrified and ceramic mosaic tiles.

6. Wood Panelling

The rustic warmth of wood paneling will enhance your kitchen. If you want a more earthy, natural theme, this is a good choice. The wood-look tiles will give you the look you want while still maintaining all of the hygienic benefits of tiles.

Use wood format tiles in 60x120cm or wood planks with a matte finish (20x120cm). Johnson’s Wonder Wood tile has a high-gloss, easy-to-clean surface that is perfect for kitchen backsplashes.

7. Subway Tile

Use subway tiles in the classic pattern, either with smaller tiles or larger tiles. This is an elegant neoclassical way to make your backsplash a focal point.

H&R Johnson’s Heritage tile collection includes 30x10cm beveled plain color tiles that are perfect for this design. If you don’t want to spend the time and effort installing small tiles, you can use 30x45cm or even 30x60cm subway tiles.

8. Natural Look

A backsplash that looks like natural stone, such as granite or marble, can create a calming and soothing atmosphere in your kitchen. This also adds an air of luxury and sophistication to the kitchen.

Explore the Exotic and Special Polished Wall Tiles Portfolio of H&R Johnson to discover some interesting natural marble designs. These designs are not only random but offer soothing colors to match the warmth.

The Best Tile Design for Your Kitchen

When choosing a theme for your backsplash, you should consider your overall kitchen style, its functionality, and your taste. These trends provide a wide range of options for any kitchen.

When selecting new kitchen tile designs, you should consider the functionality first. If your kitchen wall has a curve, you’ll need to use smaller tiles to make installation easier and maximize space. It can restrict your design options.

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