Make Your Laundry Exciting With Wash Crystals

Ever tried to make your laundry and washing ritual fun and exciting? It’s not the most interesting thing to do, but inevitable right? Just like the care and nourishment that our skin wants, clothes also deserve the same. This brings washing crystals in pictures that are naturally made, and handcrafted, and leaves the clothes soft and smelling nice.

The addition of laundry crystals, makes you want to wear the clothes. It leaves a fresh aroma after the clothes are completely washed. Let’s decode how these crystals work and why it’s always a good idea to add them to the washing lot.

Understanding how the crystals work

In layman’s language, these crystals are tiny but scented crystals with their intended use as a fabric softener. It not only softens the clothes but makes sure that it smells good. These are salt that naturally relaxes the fibres of the clothes, ensuring the fragrance penetrates the clothes and remains intact after the wash cycle is over.

The laundry crystals are easy to use and simply added to the washing machine during a regular wash cycle. Its addition is a common practice as most people use the same as a fabric softener. On adding it to the water, the crystals dissolve, add the scent, and soften the laundry load.

Choosing the crystals for a fun day of washing

There are a plethora of brands and hence it is critical to keep certain things in mind before purchasing the same. Here are a few things to consider before buying laundry crystals.

  • Make sure that it is organic, natural and 100% handmade so that it is sustainable and can be used without causing harm to the clothes and environment.
  • With a range of fragrances available, it might be a little tricky to find the crystal that fits your sensorial expectation. From watermelon to lemongrass to cotton candy, mix and match and try the fragrance range.
  • Always make sure that the crystals consist of no nasty chemicals. This prevents damage to the clothes.

How to use the laundry crystals? 

As these are crystals, it means they are available in tiny forms. This means that it takes a little bit of time to dissolve as soon as it is added to the water. The fragrance in the crystals at times is known to linger as long as 12 weeks. These crystals are commonly used in places of commercial interest like hotels, restaurants, resorts etc.

It is almost a regular thing for hotels and resorts to washing bedsheets, towels, tablecloths etc. On adding the crystals, it leaves a great fragrance which is a great attraction point for the guests. It leaves the bedsheet and towels smelling fresh, and aromatic, and leaves it soft.

Be it at home or for commercial properties, using good-smelling crystals is always a good idea. Most professional services also use crystals so that the washed clothes for the clients smell good. This leaves a good impression and is a point that gives a boost to the laundry service.

Know the instructions before use

Every crystal is different and the brands make it in different ways. Hence, it is highly recommended to go through the how-to-use section and know the crystal used. Some laundry crystal takes a longer time to dissolve while some take less time. Most of the crystals are designed in a way that they can be used in the normal wash cycle.

The strength of the crystal fragrance in most cases can be customised by adding a desirable amount of crystals. It’s time to make the laundry experience a happy one with clothes that are softer and has a soothing fragrance.

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