How to embrace Pantone’s color of the year and the latest homewares

Pantone predicts the colors that will be the next big thing in design every year. In 2022 it will be ‘Very Peri! The purple products are a welcome change from last year’s “Ultimate Grey + Illuminating,” which, while beautiful, was perhaps too yellow for many interiors.

In the last few years, we have come to appreciate the comfort of our home. Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2022, “Very Peri,” encourages personal creativity and inventiveness. Our new perspective as we move into the future is reflected in ‘Very Peri.

Canberra Outlet has a range of subtle homewares to help you incorporate vibrant color into your home. With our top tips for embracing the Colour of the Year and elevating your home’s style, we have this “happiest warmest periwinkle” blue.

What is the Colour of the year for 2019?

Has our shopping edit inspired you to add this accent color to your home?

Many people ask us how to introduce a new color into their home or update rooms without buying too many pieces. We always give the same advice.

Add 3-5 pops to your accent color.

It’s unnecessary to go overboard with a new color, especially when it is as bright or bold as “Very Peri.”

Just 3-5 pops in color will create interest and set the mood. In your living room, you might choose a decorative item or candle to place on the coffee tables in a styled arrangement. You could also select artwork or a rug with purple accents.

These pops of color will catch our attention when scattered around a room.

Play with Shades

Many shades of purple are in our list of the hottest homewares, from vibrant violets to muted lavenders.

Contrasting materials work best.

The final tip we have is to find ways to incorporate this color into a variety of materials. You can make purple items look more inviting using a mixture of soft and rigid materials.

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