There are many news reports and social media posts detailing the bad moves each year. This is especially true in the summer months when moving services are most in demand. Therefore, more “rogue” movers enter the market.

Rogue movers are those who promise a low price but then fail to deliver on their promises. The price of a move is usually doubled, and furniture is kept at ransom until the customer agrees. These companies usually don’t have their own trucks and staff. The subcontract moves to anyone who has a truck and agrees. It is very risky to hire a rogue mover, and it can be costly. This is why you should avoid it and hire the best furniture movers in hamilton.

Get Recommendations

Ask trusted family and friends for recommendations to help you choose a reliable company. Anybody in your network who has experience with professional movers can help you find the right fit. . You can tell whether a furniture moving company will deliver by listening to satisfied customers.

Cost Estimates

A representative from a moving company should come to your house to inspect what is being moved. This will give you an accurate estimate. Local move costs can be accurately calculated by having a representative from a moving company come to your home to see what you have. The total weight of your shipment is what determines the cost of long-distance moves. 

Customized Services

A good furniture mover will not only determine the cost of transportation but also help you plan every aspect of your move according to your personal needs. We can also arrange for third-party services such as appliance disconnection/reconnection, auto transport, pet relocation, housecleaning, etc. Our corporate rates are discounted to help you save more.

Watch Out For

If a company refuses to send someone to your house to provide a moving estimate, be cautious. This could be a sign that the company is not a full-service mover, and they may be considered rogue movers. This exception is only if you are moving small quantities of goods or if your home is far from the nearest major city. Company can provide a complete telephone estimate in these cases.

Finally, make sure you get written cost estimates with all taxes and charges included. Do not accept a price that is only a number without any explanation of how the costs were calculated. These tips will help you select the right furniture mover.

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