How to choose the right size area rug

These mats set the standard for the space’s tone and zone. There are two options for rug sizes: a rug big enough to hold all furniture or a rug small enough to fit the furniture. Continue reading to find out how to choose the right size rug for your room.

A rug can tie a room together. You can find them in many different textures and materials. They also come in geometric and circular shapes.

You can add dimension to any space by changing the shape of your furniture. A rectangular rug in a square room with rectangular- or square-shaped furniture might look a bit boxy. To shake things up, consider a circular rug. It cannot be easy to find the right rug for your home.

An area rug’s size will depend on the room. You wouldn’t place a 7×10 rug in a room that is 7×10. If you did, then you would install carpeting. There are two options when deciding on a rug size: a rug big enough to hold all furniture or a rug small enough to keep some furniture off. These details will be covered in more detail with the following examples.

Rug for the Dining Room

It’s your choice to place a rug underneath all furniture or just a portion of it. The exception is the dining room. It would help if you kept all your dining room furniture on the rug. Otherwise, chairs could grab it.

Smaller dining rooms typically have a rug measuring 8×10 inches, while larger dining rooms may need a rug measuring 11×15 inches. You should measure the area your table and chairs are in and choose a rug that will fit everything.

This is the best practice in dining areas. However, you will have greater control over the rest of your house.

Rugs for the Living and Bedroom Area

Small living rooms and bedrooms can be suited for area rugs. They could be used under all or part of the furniture. If you only place living room furniture on the smaller rug (5×7), ensure to include the coffee tables and any front legs for seating.

You can ensure that everything is connected by anchoring one part of each rug piece. This method is best used when you have limited space. It can be difficult to fit all decor and furniture within a small rug.

Medium-sized rugs typically measure 8×11 or 11×14 inches, while larger rugs measure 11×14 inches or more. These rugs can accommodate furniture or decor in a variety of ways. Large and medium rugs can hold entire beds, sections, tables, or even whole couches. It all comes down to personal preference!

Hallway Runner

The hallways are often the most neglected spaces in the house. However, a rug can quickly give them a finished look and make them feel more welcome. They are available in a standard width of 2′.

These rugs come in various lengths, including 3′, 6′, 10′, and everything in between. Boundless Rugs also offers the ability to customize a rug to your specifications.

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