How Often Should You Service Your Gas Heater

Gas heaters require regular maintenance to ensure they operate efficiently and smoothly. Gas heaters require regular servicing to ensure they are operating efficiently. This includes checking all components, including the thermostat, heat exchangers, carbon monoxide levels, fan cleaning, burner, pressure, and flue. Carbon monoxide is one of the most important parts of a gas heater service. It is toxic gas that can be produced by a poorly maintained gas heater. Regular heater maintenance not only improves its efficiency, but also extends its life. How often should your gas heater be serviced? Experts suggest that you service your gas heater once or twice a year. A licensed gas heater technician should perform the service. It will keep your heater in top condition, especially during the winter months when you most need it.

The benefits of maintaining your gas heater regularly
1. You can lower your energy costs
Gas heaters are more efficient when they are serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important to do this because it will help you lower your monthly electricity bill. The heater repair specialist will perform the necessary repairs and maintenance to ensure your heater operates smoothly. The technician may lubricate the moving components to reduce friction. The technician will also replace any clogged filters which are making the heater work longer and harder to heat your house. Your monthly energy bill will drop if your gas heater is working efficiently and smoothly.

2. Carbon monoxide poisoning is prevented by this device
It is important to maintain your gas heater regularly. This will help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is difficult to detect by yourself, as it is colourless and odourless. This is why carbon monoxide is often referred to as the silent killer. Exposure to the gas can cause nausea, headaches, dizziness and even death. Carbon monoxide is responsible for over 300 deaths in Australia each year and more than 10,000 emergency room visits. A gas heater technician who is reputable will inspect the heater and make sure it is venting and burning the gas correctly. He will also make any necessary adjustments to prevent people in the home from being exposed to the dangerous gas.

3. This helps to keep your warranty valid
Most manufacturers will require that you service your furnace once a month. You will lose your warranty if you do not. It is crucial to keep your warranty active, especially if you need a costly major repair. Regular maintenance of your gas heater will help you to keep your warranty.

4. This will extend the life of your gas heater
It is important to maintain your heater so that it runs smoothly. This will also help prolong its life. Dirt buildup can reduce the life expectancy of your gas heater by forcing the heat exchangers to work harder to heat your home. The technician will perform a thorough cleaning of the furnace and replace any worn-out parts to ensure your heater is running smoothly and efficiently. It will also help extend its life.

If you want your gas heating system to work efficiently over a long time, you should service it at least once per year.¬†Best choice if you’re looking for a licensed and experienced gas heater service in Coburg. Our team of experienced professionals will thoroughly inspect your gas heater and ensure it’s running smoothly.

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