How Often Should I Paint My Roof

Roofs that are properly maintained and of high quality can last for a lifetime. Regularly painting your roof will ensure that it stays in good condition for many years.

How often should I paint my roof? Find out more!

You should paint your roof about every 10 to 15 years. If you do this, it will last for a lifetime. The roof will be protected as long as the paint is durable.

There are several factors that will determine how often your roof needs to be painted in Auckland.

Auckland’s weather can affect your paint job.

Auckland’s sun is harsh, and unlike you, a roof cannot take cover when the heat of the sun hits it. Roofs in the sun have nowhere to go!

Our local weather conditions can corrode and wear down your roof paint if you have a roof made of decramastic (iron).

How close are you to the sea?

Aucklanders are known to have a strong affinity for the beach. We are all within a few minutes of a beach and flock to it on sunny days.

Having your roof surrounded by water is bad news. Salt in the air can have a greater impact on your roof if you live within a few kilometers of the sea.

Roofs that are not painted regularly will develop rust and leaks.

If you ignore your roof for too long, you might have to get it re-roofed or replace the sheets of iron. A roof replacement is usually four times more expensive than a repaint. Delaying maintenance and painting could prove to be costly in the end.

Re-painting concrete tile roofs is also necessary

The weather, rain, and wind can wear down the protective coatings that were initially on concrete tiles.

As they become more porous, water will be absorbed into the tiles. The tile will become heavier and can affect the roof structure as the tiles are designed to support a specific weight.

You could get leaks again if you create cracks or dampness in the tiles. You’ll have to paint it sooner or later.

If you do not paint or protect your concrete roof with paint, the pointing may also start to fall off.

It’s better to keep an eye on things so that you don’t get a surprise, costly and stressful bill for roof repairs or replacement.

The Right Paint

It’s essential to choose the right paint for your roof. This will ensure that it can withstand all weather conditions in North Shore.

When choosing a roof paint, always make sure to read and follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Some paints are specifically formulated for iron roofs, and some may require special prep before application. This is because the roofs can rust and oxidize when exposed to elements over a long period of time.

The right paint will protect your time and money investment, as well as make sure that your roof continues to look great for many years.

Call a Roof Painter Professional

Painting your roof is the solution. If you hire a professional roofing company, like us, you will get a warranty and know that the work is being done to high standards. For more info about  – roof painting services in North Shore.

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