Decorate your guest room with these thoughtful ideas.

For many of us, the guest bedroom can double as a study or even the storage/not-sure-what-to-do-with-room… Regardless of whether or not you have a dedicated room, there are special touches you can add to your guest bedroom to make it feel inviting and warm.

They are not difficult or expensive to implement, and they can make a massive difference in your guests’ experience. Here are seven ideas for a thoughtful guest room.

Place their suitcases and clothes on hangers.

Give your guests a place to put their suitcases off the floor, even if they stay only for a few hours. You may already own a small table or wooden chairs. If you have the space, add a bench at the foot of your bed.

If your guest room doesn’t include a wardrobe, you can offer a clothing rack and stylish wall hooks as alternatives.

Stock up on your bedside table.

Going overboard is unnecessary, but adding thoughtful things to your bedside table will make guests feel more welcome.

The following items are essential to have on the bedside table of your guests:

  • Water and Glass
  • Box of tissues
  • A good book or reading material
  • Small treats (such as chocolates or mints).
  • Candle or diffuser
  • An indoor plant or small floral arrangements (be aware of overpowering scents)
  • Details of your WiFi network

Make a dreamy bedroom.

  • Nothing is better than a comfortable bed. We love to pile on as many cushions and gorgeous linens as possible in the guest room. Our Best Places to Buy Bedding Online roundup will help you find bedding that suits your budget. If your guests come from warmer climates, please provide an extra blanket. You can see our top bed styling ideas here.
  • Test your mattress to see if it is comfortable. You can upgrade to one of Australia’s best-rated mattresses.

Get them the Hotel Experience.

  • Also, we suggest you have a new stack of towels available in your room. This includes bath towels and face wash. You can excitingly roll your towels if you’re feeling fancy. Watch the video to learn how to do the “spa roll.”
  • Place mini toiletries on the towels or in the bathroom to make guests feel more welcome. We’ll usually include shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and shower cap. People love it! We also provide new slippers in winter so they can comfortably walk indoors (you can purchase these at beauty retailers).

Add fresh flowers and stems.

  • Add some life to your space with a small bouquet or a vase filled with fresh stems. You don’t need to buy them. You can also forage flowers and branches in your garden to achieve the same look.
  • Add fresh flowers in a vase to the side table of your bed or dresser. If you are a stylist, you can even match the color of the flowers to the artwork or quilt cover in the room.

You can easily access power sockets by giving them your WiFi password.

  • This was briefly mentioned above but deserved its place on the list. Your guests will feel more welcome if you give them access to your WiFi network. It also allows them to relax before bedtime or in the early morning. Even your guests may need some space during their stay.

Check your window treatments.

  • Many people complain about the poor window coverings of hotels. Isn’t that annoying to have the sun on your face?!
  • It is worth investing in window coverings if you want to ensure that your guests can sleep for as long as possible. Roller blinds that block out the sun are among the most cost-effective window coverings.


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