Deck Designs: Ideas For Raised Decks

Explore this collection of raised decks for ideas on making the most of your outside living space.

Raised decks can be found in many homes because they are built on foundation walls extending the floor level several feet. Raised decks need railings for safety and stairs to access the deck from the yard.

Raised decks are constructed with foundation posts visible when the deck is completed. The structural members may be hidden with shrubs or skirting.

This upper-level deck provides an unobstructed, panoramic view of Seattle’s Puget Sound and the new lush garden.

This deck was built to accommodate the tall house and steep lot. The pergola provides shade, and the lattice-style railing offers privacy.

The deck is supported with a minimum number of beams to avoid an appearance that appears heavy. This leaves the underside uncluttered and available for other purposes. The support posts and railings have been wrapped in 1-inch pine for a more substantial appearance. The decorative details, such as arches at the base of the columns and plinth blocks, add an architectural sense to the house.

Decks are a common feature in many newer homes. This raised deck is connected to three rooms by large glass doors.

A large deck with raised edges can accommodate several outdoor living spaces. This 2,000-square-foot retreat includes a kitchen, spa, and gazebo. The elevated pavilion offers a panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains, birch trees, blue spruce, and aspen.

Incorporate soft lighting into your deck design to create a harmonious outdoor oasis. The house’s exterior is used to illuminate this large balcony on the upper level. This space offers a bird’s eye view of the surrounding landscape.

For durability and ease of maintenance, consider using a material other than wooden decking. This deck has a wood-like appearance and is made of fade-resistant synthetic decking. The deck looks natural because it mimics the architecture of the house.

Color your deck to make it stand out from the rest. This two-story building stands out with its unique color scheme of green, white, and red. Decks are a great way to enjoy outdoor living.

The transition from deck to landscaping is made more accessible by colorful foliage and blooms. The fiberglass planters on this multilevel deck are in full color. The graceful curves of the structure create an illusion of a waterfall.

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