7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Commercial Painters

A commercial painting company can help you spruce your building. Hiring a professional is much more cost-effective and safer than attempting to paint your building yourself.

There are many commercial painting companies to choose from. How can you ensure you are hiring the best for your company?

Doing your research is key. Continue reading to learn seven important factors to take into consideration when choosing a painter.

1. Insurance and Licensing
Be sure to hire a company that follows all the rules when hiring a commercial painting contractor! The company must be fully licensed, insured (if applicable in your state), bonded and have a full insurance policy.

Be sure that the painter is insured for liability. This will protect them and their employees in case of accidents or injuries. You don’t want the painters to be responsible for anything that happens on your property.

Your commercial building is also protected from damage that could occur while it is being painted. Find a company who does the job correctly. There are many options available for painters.

2. Experience
Experience in commercial painting is an important factor to consider when hiring. Commercial painting is not the same as painting a single room at home. This involves complex, large projects that are often carried out using ladders and scaffolding. Scaffolds can be a very valuable tool for contractors who paint. Renting scaffolds is a great option. These scaffolds are simple to use, and they offer both safety and efficiency.

Check that the painting company has experience in similar buildings to yours. Check that the company has the right tools and equipment for the job.

Why not ask other local businesses for recommendations if you are having trouble finding a painter with experience in your area? Since they’ll also need to have their painting done, they may be able to recommend someone nearby.

3. Timeframes
Commercial paint jobs are often urgent. Are you in a rush to paint the property before starting a new business, for example?

Speak to the painting contractor about their timelines. Find out how long they would need to complete the project. Many companies will have to finish other projects first. This can cause your start date to be delayed.

Any reputable painting contractor should be able provide a rough estimate of when they will start and finish your project.

4. Budget
When hiring painters, it’s important to compare prices as they can differ greatly. You can narrow your choices down to a few companies and then ask each of them to give you an estimate.

Review all your estimates and then make a decision. You don’t have to choose the cheapest option. However, you should take into account price.

Be sure to include all costs when reviewing estimates. Don’t be surprised to learn that premium paints or expedited services cost extra.

5. Online Customer Reviews
Commercial painting can be a large investment. It is often in the thousands. Take the time to check reviews of previous clients and make sure that the company is talented and reputable.

Check out reviews to see what previous customers thought about the service provided by the painting company. You should also look at the customer service of the painting company, their punctuality and the way they handle complaints.

Find a company like Factory Painters that has a lot of positive online reviews.

6. Previous Work
Hire painters only after seeing their past work. You should ask your painting company to provide an online portfolio or images that they can show potential clients.

Find a business that is not only talented, but that also suits your tastes. It’s important to choose a company that has experience with the style you want for your paint job.

7. Communication Skills
Communication skills are another factor you may not have thought about. Find a company that has strong listening and communication skills.

Why? You may have a specific style in mind for a particular room. Do you think your painter is listening to you and understands what you are saying after you have communicated your request?

It can be disastrous if the customer and paint company don’t share the same vision. Do not take the chance and find a company you can easily communicate with, that you trust and who can relate to.

Choose Commercial Painters with These Tips
These tips will help you make a better choice when it comes to commercial painters in Auckland.

Be clear on what you want to achieve before starting. List the tasks that you will need to be completed by your painting company. Do a lot of research, and then narrow down your search to only a few companies.

Make a hiring decision after receiving quotes. Your new company will then get to work. Your commercial building will look stunning in no time, thanks to a new shiny coat of paint.

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