16 Kids’ Room Organization Ideas that Will Keep You Sane

It’s not always a win-win when it comes down to the kid’s bedroom. Prioritizing storage means losing sight of fun and personality. If you put character first, your floors will be covered with Legos before you know it.

What if you could have it all? You can keep the Legos out of your child’s reach while allowing them to play with everything they need. Finding intelligent solutions without sacrificing style is the key. To save you the pain and time of trial and error — and to prevent yet another tantrum of tidying-up-time-gone-awry — we gathered our 16 favorite storage solutions, plus a few of the products you need to achieve a state of organized bliss. Get inspired and clean up the mess of books and toys once and for all.

Book Displays

You may not realize it, but books can quickly take over your child’s room if you aren’t careful. The book titles are displayed on sturdy racks and easily accessible for your kids to choose from before bedtime.

You can trust the labeling process.

We believe that labels make every type of storage better. Label the toy bins with simple words for kids who have outgrown symbols and pictures. Give everything its place, yes, even Peppa Pig.

Tote things up

Make cleaning and storing easier. Customize some totes with the toys your child loves. When it’s time to play, you can take them down and throw everything in. Then hang them up again when it is quiet. It’s as simple as that. The Framed Areas

It’s okay to have a separate room for sleeping and play. Sometimes all you need is an empty frame. Yes, really. The frame sections of the craft corner in the bedroom are shown here, with art supplies and some masterpieces.

Repurpose a photo ledge.

Upcycling is one of the few things we enjoy more in home decor. This picture ledge is a great example. You can use it to display your favorite pieces of artwork, or you could lower it to toddler level and store your child’s favorite art books, craft supplies, and works of art.

Toys within Reach

Nothing is more terrifying than a curious kid climbing up your furniture to retrieve a favorite toy. Keep all your toys in baskets close to the floor to prevent a catastrophic tumble. Rails and s hooks are the keys to making unhinging baskets easy for children.

Color Coordinate

We recommend using clear acrylic organizers to color-coordinate bright toys and other objects. This is a great way to create an ultra-aesthetic organization, especially for children who can’t read labels. Make sure you put everything back in order, or else it will get messy (and fast). Put a Peg In It

Pegboards are great because you can rearrange them as your needs change. It’s one thing to use as a place to keep spare baby powder bottles; the next moment, it can be used for their favorite trinkets.

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